Storage Tips

    Label the contents of all your boxes and containers.
    Pack your belongings in uniform size boxes, so they are easier to stack.
    Pack heavy items into smaller boxes.
    Clean all appliances prior to storing and store with door open an inch or so to allow moisture to escape.
    Wrap mirrors and paintings in bubble wrap and stand them on end on a pallet or cardboard.
    Remove the legs of tables and beds, wrap them in packing paper and tape them to the furniture they belong to.
    Store couches on end, chairs stacked seat to seat and use any drawers to store blankets, clothes and small knick knacks.
    Put a few drops of machine oil on any metal items, such as tools or bikes, to help prevent them from rusting.
    Store items that you'll be more likely to need first close to the front and leave a walking space between rows of stacked boxes for easy access.
    Use trash cans to store shovels, hoes, and rakes.
    Use shelving to use your space efficiently.